• Publishers Get Ready for the (Still Imaginary) Tablet

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLc-8gT2eKg]YouTube - Wired iTablet Concept App[/ame]

    As noted here last week, reports have maintained that Apple has sent specs of its rumored tablet to publishers in an effort to build their interest in producing content for the device.

    The video above (warning: terrible audio) shows a mockup put together by Condé Nast, in a display at the Fifth Annual WIRED Store in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. The publisher of WIRED magazine has been assertively announcing its plans to bring its tech magazine to the Apple tablet, even though no announcement has ever come from the manufacturer that such a device is even in the works.

    Condé Nast has indicated that the digital version of WIRED would be ready early next year, which is in line with consistent rumors about the release date of the tablet. The publisher says they intend to create a template for all 18 of their magazines, including Vogue and GQ, and is relying on software, designed by Adobe, to allow its digital magazines to be used on other devices, such as Microsoft’s Courier.

    The company intends to bring an iPhone version of GQ’s December issue to the App Store, and says that, similarly, its digital magazines will have the same content found in the print versions with the option of an "enhanced" digital format designed specifically for the device. Digital articles would feature additional multimedia content, like videos, and offer users the ability to link to social networking sites.

    Other publishers are widely believed to be hard at work on similar projects. Time's editor-at-large Josh Quittner, who is working on the new digital edition of the magazine, was even more blunt on his blog:
    I think it’s conservative to say that in the miserable publishing business, there is no greater hope for salvation that the iThing. With visions of giant iPhones dancing in our heads, all of us are working on prototypes of magazines and newspapers that will work on 9.7-inch, multi-touch screens linked wirelessly to stores.
    Condé Nast is reportedly lobbying the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the magazine industry standards board, that its online sales are equivalent to newsstand sales. That will allow the publisher to charge advertisers the same rate as for print ads.
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