• Many Core i7 Macs Dead on Arrival

    Reports are coming in that some of new iMacs with Core i7 Intel processors recently shipped from Shanghai are getting to their owners damaged or not booting at all.

    There is already a long thread on the Apple support forum with a number of users describing he problems with their newly-arrived Macs. Many of them note cracked screens, with one reportedly showing a footprint on the surface. Some, more disturbingly, simply do not boot at all, such as the unit ordered by Engadget for review.

    Numerous customers said the box containing their new system arrived in apparently undamaged condition, but that after they removed the packaging, they discovered that the computer had been damaged, most commonly the bottom left corner of the 27" IPS LCD display. Observers are speculating that the packaging used for the new large screen is insufficient to protect the computer that has to be shipped FedEx from China.

    Gizmodo notes that Apple has been “extremely responsive” about the problem, and Apple is reportedly offering replacement iMacs for affected customers. However, this may involve a shipping time of two weeks, as Core i7 is an upgrade option not normally sold at retail.

    image via zdnet.com.au
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