• Mac mini World's Most Efficient Desktop: Survey

    Apple has long touted their Mac mini as the world’s most-efficient desktop. Now, there’s independent confirmation of that from a UK group, which found Apple's small form-factor desktop the most efficient of over 100 systems rated. Four portable Apple machines also found their way onto the list of the top ten most efficient laptops.

    Sust-it, an independent testing group which bills itself as “the best place to find energy saving electricals,” provides rankings of energy usage and annual energy cost for thousands of appliances, home entertainment devices, and computers. In their survey, based on Energy Star Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) estimates for annual energy consumption, Apple's Mac mini fills the top four spots for the most efficient desktop computer in their latest listing.

    According to a company spokesman, the range in power usage between similar computers is something most consumers are unaware of.

    There’s a staggering difference between the energy consumption of computers in the marketplace; you could save nearly 150 per year on electricity in choosing the most efficient models. We’ve been highlighting these savings through our unique ranking system and it’s great news that Apple has responded to the environmental issues, I hope other manufacturers will follow their lead.
    In addition to the Mac mini's top rankings, a pair of iMacs made Sust-it’s all-in-one top ten list and four Apple laptops — the MacBook Air, MacBook, and two 13" MacBook Pro models — hold spots in the laptop top ten.

    The survey of 113 systems gave the 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-equipped Mini the top two positions with either a 120GB or 320GB hard drive. Sust-it's rankings showed that the 2.0GHz mini has a power consumption level of 49.4 kWh per year. The 2.26 GHz model falls in right behind, beating out the Asus Eee Box and Fujitsu Futro S550 which have less powerful 1.6GHz and 1.0GHz CPUs, respectively.

    Apple's largest models, however, occupied the very opposite end of the spectrum. The configuration with two 2.66GHz Intel Quad Core Xeon CPUs was way down at number 111 with a 770.8 kWh estimated annual power consumption: over fifteen times the level of the mini.

    image via Apple
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