• Apple and Psystar Finally Reach an Agreement

    Late Monday it was reported that Apple and their pirating peer Psystar reached an agreement to settle a 17-month lawsuit. According to preliminary details made available from ComputerWorld, Psystar will no longer be permitted to preinstall Apple's Mac OS X on the Intel-based computers it sells.

    It may not prevent the small Florida computer maker from selling Mac clones, however. Instead, Psystar laid out an argument that would shift responsibility for installing Apple's operating system onto its customers.
    Although more details will be forthcoming today, for now it is known that Psystar will award an unspecified dollar amount in damages to Apple, but such payments will not be made until Psystar finishes the appeal process - a legal journey that could ultimately take a substantial amount of time to complete.

    As a result of the agreement in place, Apple has effectively dismissed its trademark infringement claim against Psystar, which ends the long-running legal battle and eliminates the need for a trial. Psystar and Apple have locked legal horns since July 2008, when Apple first went after the clone maker which had begun selling Intel machines with Mac OS X preinstalled only a few months earlier.

    In the Monday filing, Psystar argued to exclude Rebel RFI, a $50 utility that the company started selling in October, from any potential injunction. Rebel EFI lets owners of generic PCs -- like the ones that Psystar sells -- install and run Apple's Snow Leopard operating system.
    Naturally, there is reluctance on the part of some to think that yesterday's "resolution" will actually resolve once and for all the legal tug of war that seems destined to continue or at least reheat as long as Psystar stays in the business of stealthily profiting off of Apple in some direct or indirect fashion.

    It should also be pointed out that as of this morning, Psystar's Web site is still selling the troublesome clones with Snow Leopard preinstalled.

    To read the full report from ComputerWorld, click here.

    Image via MobileWhack
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