• Apple Growing Their Cupertino Campus

    After nearly a full year of waiting for city planners to get on the ball and rezone close to eight acres of property in the Cupertino community, it seems Apple has finally received a critical chunk of approval in their longstanding endeavor to build a second campus in Cupertino.

    The site in question is located near the Hewlett-Packard campus and was purchased by Apple in 2006. Shortly before that, however, the city rezoned the industrial site to residential because of a massive townhouse and condominium project that was proposed.

    What will Apple do with the space? That much isn't yet clear. For now it appears that the company is simply gearing up for expansion. According to 9to5Mac:

    Apple’s Michael Foulkes (presumably handling the property deal) said that the company has no immediate plan for the site, but has at least now got a better idea of what it will be allowed to do with the property, though one-acre of this must be kept aside for a public park (presumably with free Apple-provided WIFi and a giant sculpture of Steve Jobs).
    Perhaps with industry analysts predicting that the App Store will welcome 200,000 new applications next year and receive even more submissions than anyone can reasonably count, Apple could use the facility to house all the angry letters the company will get from developers confused about why their app is being rejected, shelved, ignored, or subjected to some otherwise hypocritical approval process.

    Just a thought.

    The property is part of nine separate properties that Apple purchased at the Pruneridge site for an approximately 50-acre campus way back in 2006, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs shocked the Cupertino council with a surprise visit on April 18, 2006, when he announced the purchase of said properties. "We are in 30 other buildings now and they keep getting further and further away from the campus," Jobs told the assembly. "We've rented every scrap of building we could find in Cupertino."
    Image via Mercury News
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