• Stealth Upgrades of Mac Pro, XServe Appear

    Having recently released a fast new iMac line, Apple quietly released a new upgrade option to the Mac Pro. The Apple Store now shows the top-of-the-line desktop with faster Intel Xeon processors clocking at 3.33GHz - an upgrade that will add $1,200 to the price of a Mac Pro .

    Recent updates to the iMac line gave the all-in-one desktop a powerful new Intel Core i7, which brought the iMac up to about the performance level to the Mac Pro, which has a much higher price tag. Though a hexacore configuration has been projected for next year, the high-end desktop hadn't been updated since March 2009. The Mac Pro can also be factory-configured with 2 TB hard drives at $350 per drive, increasing the storage capacity to 8 TB.

    Apple also added horsepower to the company's server line, providing Xserves with the same optional 2TB hard drives, taking the total potential capacity of these systems up to 6TB. In addition, memory can be configured with up to 4GB in all six slots, for a potential maximum 24GB of RAM.

    image via Apple
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