• Turn-By-Turn Directions with TeleNav

    It was a disappointment to browse through the AppStore and not see any turn-by-turn software. The much anticipated TomTom app was nowhere to be found. No need to fear TeleNav is here!

    Coming soon to a 3g iPhone near you Telenav will fill the vacancy with their turn-by-turn navigation app utilizing the GPS build into the 3g iPhone. Some features will be colored 3D moving maps along with voice guidance and traffic aware routing. Price hasn't been mentioned yet but it is coming soon, and once you buy it it's yours, no subscriptions to keep it working. TeleNav already has GPS software for mobiles on both AT&T and Sprint, and popular opinion is that their software is leaps and bounds beyond Verizon's VZ Navigator. We're optimistic that this app will hold up to our expectations.

    [Telenav via gizmodo]
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