• The Apple Logo Glow Mod - How it's Done

    So I noticed this Apple logo glow mod on multiple sites over the weekend. Basically some folks over at iPhones.ru replaced the Apple logo in the rear casing of the iPhone to glow while the screen is active. Every site so far that has covered it has been filled with ZOMGZ FAKE!! Hoew waz it donez? OMG. Well it really isn't all that difficult. It also is a lot cheaper to do than the $300 claimed by iPhones.ru.

    If we remember back to April or so this has already been done. Better yet the original case modder Croiman who pulled it off left some instructions and photos of the process.

    To sum it up he first created an Apple logo out of plexiglass to replace the metal one in the stock iphone case. This was done with a dremel tool and lots of polishing.

    To light up the Apple logo some white LEDs from a broken iPhone screen were used although one could probably some comparable LEDs out there that would function just fine for the purpose.

    Lastly soldering Croiman soldered the LEDs to the iPhone screen power function so that the Apple Logo lights up when the iPhone's screen is lit.

    The end result looks very nice and is something any super geek Apple fanboy would probably want. Check out more pictures and a video below. For more detailed instuctions on how this project was complete back in April please refer to the original posting.

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