• Rumor: Adobe to Bring Flash to iPhone

    Adobe and ARM have announced that they are working together to optimize and enable Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR for ARM Powered devices. The optimization is targeted to the existing ARM11 family, which includes the iPhone.

    They have jointly released this statement;

    “The collaboration is expected to accelerate mobile graphics and video capabilities on ARM platforms to bring rich Internet applications and Web services to mobile devices and consumer electronics worldwide.”

    The details of this joint venture are somewhat lacking but it appears to be that the optimization will deliver Adobe Flash to existing mobile devices that are based on the latest ARM platforms. The optimization is set to be available in the latter half of 2009.

    PC Magazine writes, “devices with at least 200 MHz processors, more than around 16 Mbytes of RAM and a 'completely capable [Web] browser' will be able to render Web-based Flash content." The iPhone of course fits right into all of the said categories and has caused speculators to wonder if this could mean Flash functionality for the current iPhone.

    However, just back this past March Steve Jobs, claimed that the iPhone is not capable of the full Flash support;

    “As Jobs put it Tuesday during the company's annual shareholder meeting, Apple's iPhone, with all its cutting-edge mobile Internet trickery, needs something much better than the current Flash player that Adobe makes for cellphones. The Flash Player option that fits the bill is made for devices like laptops that are larger than the iPhone; as a consequence, it performs too slowly on the iPhone, he said.”

    In the end the decision is up to Apple. Although current iPhone SDK terms prevent Adobe from creating a fully integrated version of Flash for the iPhone.

    Source: Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About
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