• [ NEW ] redsn0w - Multi-Platform Jailbreak/Unlock Tool

    The DevTeam has released a NEW product (yes, with a name we've already heard) called redsn0w.

    MMi Member Links:
    Updated to redsn0w0.7.2
    redsn0w 0.7.2 for Mac Megaupload Rapidshare
    redsn0w 0.7.2 for Windows Megaupload Rapidshare
    check the DevTeam thread for more download links if you need them

    DON'T USE THIS IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY RUNNING YELLOWSN0W AND WANT TO KEEP YOUR UNLOCK. ultrasn0w will be out soon and then you can do this.

    Here's the rundown:

    • Runs on Windows.
    • Runs on OS X (Intel only, but they are working out a bug to have PPC support up shortly)
    • JAILBREAKS iPhone 3G.
    • JAILBREAKS and UNLOCKS iPhone 2G.
    • DOES NOTHING to iPhone 3GS.
    • JAILBREAKS iPod Touch 2G.
    • JAILBREAKS iPod Touch 1G.

    We're working on guides on how to run this puppy, but its fairly self-explanatory. Expect full detailed instructions from us today (read: in the next hour or two for some of the guides).

    A few important things to know:

    • DO NOT run this if you are running less than 3.0 on an iPhone 3G and are using yellowsn0w to unlock. You WILL lose your unlock, and since the 3G 3.0 unlock (ultrasn0w) has not been released yet, you'll be stuck with no phone UNTIL ULTRASN0W IS RELEASED.
    • This tool (redsn0w) should be used AFTER doing a stock restore first. Just open up iTunes, and press restore. You'll be restored to the latest firmware (iPod Touch users of course will need to pay for 3.0 if you haven't) and THEN can run redsn0w.

    MuscleNerd notes:

    If you have useless locked 3G with original sim that iTunes still recognizes, may as well update to 3.0 & JB and use it as Touch til ultra
    While you're waiting for our guide, here's a couple useful links:

    iPhone 3G 3.0 Firmware .ipsw
    iPhone 2G 3.0 Firmware .ipsw
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