• iPhone 3GS Jailbreak purplera1n Released! [Windows]

    Geohot has released his iPhone 3GS jailbreak named purplerain. Avaialable for download here this has to be one of the easiest jailbreaks to use (if it works ).


    1. Download purplera1n. This download is Windows only. Also it doesn't work on Windows 7. MMi user mutigers42 among others report that Windows 7 works.
    I clicked make it rain, it said "putting in recovery mode" - my phone kind of froze, didn't turn off or anything and no response, until i closed the app and unplugged the USB cable and replugged it back in - then the apple logo came on and recovery mode

    After i did that, i just ran the program again - and it worked perfectly
    It IS beta so make sure you have all your data before trying to use this tool. A Mac version should be following something in the near future.

    This tool is just for jailbreak and will NOT activate the phone or unlock it. Therefore, you should have an activated iPhone before following the guide.

    Please backup the iPhone 3GS before following the procedure below.

    2. Run purplera1n.

    3. Click make it ra1n.

    You should see a screen where purplera1n is connecting to your iphone.

    Sadly that's as far as I get (I blame betanesssss).
    Edit: you need to have CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\iTunesMobileDevice.dll
    I'm running windows off of D drive so thats why mine didn't work. Simple making that directory and copying the file to c drive has fixed my problems.

    BUT those of you lucky enough to make it all the way the remainder of the steps are as follows:

    purplera1n on PC will say 'done, wait for reboot'.

    4. After the iPhone boots, it will have a new app 'Freeze' with white icon.

    5. Open Freeze and tap 'Install Cydia'. It will now download and install the package and then clean the installation. Wait till it says 'Finished!' and then just exit to home screen. If you still don't have cydia, reboot the phone and use freeze again.

    Your iPhone 3GS is now jailbroken with Cydia installed!

    The credit for this wonderful tool goes to GeoHotz! Thanks to mepp for help with screenshots!
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