• SmoothBoard Allows You To Scroll Smoothly Through Pages

    Once again we have another great tweak that has been developed by Aaron Ash called SmoothBoard. Last week I talked about InfiniDock, which enabled scrolling within the Dock. Today we are treated with a similar concept, and even comes without a price tag.

    Installing this tweak will allow you to scroll through every page without it locking to each single page one at a time and having to swipe a gazillion times. OverBoard and Orbit brought us the ability to see all our pages, but this is one step further, because now you can scroll from one end to the other incredibly fast. It's so smooth its almost fun to just scroll back and forth. (on 3GS at least)

    Springboard doesn't 'lock' when scrolling. A big swipe can scroll through multiple pages instead of only one page per swipe. If you stop scrolling Springboard won't "snap" to the nearest page, it will just stay in between pages.

    There are a few minor bugs. (like springboard snapping to the nearest page when an app is opened) But it does not hinder any functionality, and you can still move icons around just fine.
    So far I haven't had any problems with it, except for the fact that I always scroll too far to the left and end up in spotlight.

    This tweak is available in Cydia & Rock for Free! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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