• Google Voice applications pulled from the App Store.

    In another excellent case of "what the frak", Apple has pulled both GV Mobile and VoiceCentral, two applications that add Google Voice support to the phone. Google Voice is one of Google's latest services that provides a sort of virtual switchboard in which you can subscribe all your phones. By calling your GV phone number, all your phones would ring and you can pick it up wherever you happen to be.

    The two apps had similar functionality. You could easily start calls, send and read text messages, and check your voice mail messages. This apparently was to close to native iPhone functionality it seems, because that's the reason Apple gave these developers.

    To make matters even more bizarre, Google's own GV application was rejected six weeks ago while GV Mobile was PERSONALLY APPROVED BY PHIL SCHILLER, Apple’s senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. Now it got pulled today.

    The App Store utter lack of transparency isn't giving much of an answer as to why these apps were pulled. On the phone side of things: these apps just started a call (which you had to answer) so you were still using your own minutes. This wasn't a VOIP service. On the messaging aspect of it, you could indeed send and receive messages, but then again you can do that with one of the dozens of free text messaging apps cluttering the store.

    So why was it pulled? Possible native integration in future firmware updates? AT&T leaning on Apple again? Someone drinking a little too much in Cupertino? No one seems to know...

    GV Mobile Google Voice iPhone App Getting Booted From App Store for Usual Ridiculous Reasons - app store - Gizmodo
    Apple Is Growing Rotten To The Core: Official Google Voice App Blocked From App Store
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