• Study Finds iPhone Users Want More Power

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    "I... must... have... more... power!"

    It seems that legendary line from Star Trek can now be attributed to millions of Apple customers, too.

    Strategy Analytics is out with a new study - conveniently titled "Retaining and Attracting New Customers: Profiling the Apple iPhone User" - revealing that iPhone users want more power.

    Of all the ideal features Apple customers can envision for future updates to the iPhone, their low satisfaction with battery life far surpasses other concerns, like the quality of the device's camera, for example.

    From IT Wire:

    Strategy Analytics’ senior user experience analyst, Paul Brown, says part of the problem is the iPhone users’ higher use of battery-draining features than non-iPhone users.
    “iPhone owners use more features on a regular basis than non-iPhone owners, with two-thirds browsing the web and sending personal emails daily—features which will considerably drain battery life.”
    The study, which in some aspects in insightful, isn't really telling us anything we don't already know or haven't yet complained about in the last two years since the iPhone took the world by storm. If anything, since 2007, iPhone junkies like myself have become more vocal about their beef with concerns relating to some of the issues broached in this study. In fact, no longer are iPhone users just excited to have this cool new toy. We've now come to be so dependent on it - for work, play, and, in some cases, our livelihood - that we not only want better, we also demand better.

    In this regard, Kevin Nolan, VP at Strategy Analytics, hit the nail on the head, "Given the importance placed on features and style by existing iPhone owners, it is important for Apple to continue to provide innovative, compelling devices, while recognizing the need for improved battery strength."

    What else did the report find?

    • The typical iPhone owner is aged 25-44
    • Over 80% of iPhone owners also own an iPod
    • iPhone owners exhibit high brand loyalty
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