• G-Push Mail - Excellent Push Notification client for Gmail (GIVEAWAY INSIDE!)

    First of all, I am going to review G-Push Mail - developed by an individual developer Jonathan - and not GPush. If you ask what's the difference, there is plenty - read on to know. On another note, the developer of this app didn't copy the name. In fact, the app was planned and named in April, well before GPush was announced - but was delayed due to the slow approval process. Took about 80 days to be approved - the app was resubmitted once.

    G-Push Mail as we know is not the only Push Gmail client but it's NOT JUST ANOTHER Push Gmail client either. The app has some really nice extra features which make it better than others. My most favorite feature - besides Push notification of course - is the built in web browser that lets you view the Gmail's iPhone version inside the app - the best part being you are automatically signed in to Gmail / Google Apps with the preset details every time you open the app, and just need to navigate through the folders. As we all know, Google has made the iPhone version real neat which gives plus points to the developer for adding it.

    Another feature, which I believe to be exclusive to the app is that you can enable Push Monitoring not just for the inbox but for overall e-mail, which means you won't miss any important e-mail if it hits the spam folder. I like this feature, as sometimes I am expecting e-mails which end up in spam and it takes me hours to figure that out. Unlike some of the apps available, this app also allows you to choose from an array of sounds for notification, the default being the SMS sound.

    This being version 1.0 of app, I did find a function - shake to refresh inbox - not working, but the developer promised that the update which was submitted today to Apple will resolve the issue. The developer will also be adding the missing text notifications, like SMS app notifications - with extra options to configure the format of Subject, sender's name, and sender's address in which you receive the text notifications - in the upcoming version! Therefore, it should not be much of a problem. Other new features will include an option to disable the Loading screen, which currently slows the app down.

    Overall, it's a pretty neat application if you depend on a single Gmail account or even use Google Apps for all your e-mail needs. The security I believe should not be an issue as the developer does assure that the login details are encrypted on the servers which is further hosted on Amazon's Cloud platform! Finally, the charges seem to be pretty nominal at $1.99 for the app and three months of Push Notification subscription, which you can update for another $1.99 on expiring using in-app purchase. Please note that the current subscription prices are just tentative and might be further reduced in future. If you ask me, it's the best option, if not the cheapest, for keeping an eye if you rely on Gmail for your business. The application is available with first three month subscription included for $1.99 in the AppStore here.

    If you read til here then you deserve a giveaway... Jonathan's pleasant enough to provide us with SEVEN promo codes (app + free subscription for first three months) for a giveaway! If you want to enter, just let me know by adding "G-Push Mail-" at the beginning of your comment. Make sure you have a US iTunes account before you enter - sorry but it's a limitation set by Apple, NOT us. The contest will end on 6th September at 5:00 PM GMT.

    To all those saying that Gmail is free so why pay for the app, it's totally a matter of choice. If you want to get both the notification and check the e-mail at the same time without any delays as the e-mail could be really important, this client is the way to go! It just depends on how much you and your work relies on e-mail.

    The giveaway has ended officially and the winners are juancarock, eljhongo, reaves205, nikozen, lopbird33, tudtran and imuscle74!
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