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    In the last few years, my iPhone has helped me learn a lot about myself, particularly how impatient and virtually helpless in life I am without my iPhone. But now, thanks to the inaugural app from Sinecure Industries, my iPhone can now help me keep tabs on my own mood.

    How Am I Feeling? - The Mood Analyzer is an interesting application generating lots of interest and media attention for bringing "emotion tests and analyzers" to the app world.

    From iPoddnn:

    The program allegedly uses a mood algorithm based on the "war-era Mooreefocical Bafflegab prototype", which is designed to pinpoint and display the userís current emotion.
    Having tried out the handy-dandy little app last night, I can report that the entertainment value of "How Am I Feeling? - The Mood Analyzer" makes the app worth a buck by itself. Although I didn't agree with my own mood reading (I was labeled fairly grumpy), my wife, on the other hand, protests that my mood was accurately gauged by the new app, an assertion that ultimately made me grumpy.

    The developer claims the app works by analyzing physical contact with the mobile device, preferably with the finger or nose, and then presents an animated punch-card machine until a result is displayed.
    At the end of the day, the app is merely a digital mood ring that uses a few more bells and whistles than the fashionable ring rock that is also believed to reveal how you really feel. The app supposedly has the potential to detect 400 individual emotions, enabling "even the subtlest" of feelings to be highlighted and exposed in the mood-reading process, which provides a read-out within seconds of having your "mood read."

    How Am I Feeling? Ė The Mood Analyzer works with any iPhone or iPod touch running the v3.0 firmware or higher, and can be purchased from the App Store for $1.
    Image via ipodnn
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