• Weekly Jailbreak Update: February 22nd, 2010

    What's New:

    Gimp, Wimp, or Pimp - It's not often we see many games come out on Cydia. This app however is a game you might check out if you are extremely bored. The concept of the game is to see who can hold the iPod or iPhone the most steadily, and the longest, held out at arms reach.

    OwnSpy - Another app that addresses tracking and spying on phone information. This one definitely seems more geared towards the "spying" aspect rather than just tracking your phone, because it will allow you to export SMS, Address Books, CallHistory, Pictures taken, App Usage and of course the location via GPS. It is completely hidden from the user and uninstallation is done externally. This app runs for $1.35.

    ShrinkURL - This app is fairly straightforward. Simply shrink an URL and copy it to the clipboard.

    FastPhotoLibrary - An Photos app replacement, which allows you to assign an activation method so you can quickly launch Photos from any app, at any time, including from the lockscreen. The application is pretty much identical to the stock Photos app, but provides a much more convenient way of loading up photos. This app goes for $1.49.

    ScreenDimmer - A convenient battery saving tool that allows you to determine when the screen should dim, after a certain amount of time. You can even turn the backlight completely off. Although I find SBSettings to work just fine for adjusting brightness manually, this one could be usefull. This app goes for $0.99

    LastApp - This app keeps track of your previously used application and allows you to return to it quickly. You can switch back and forth between the apps by assigning an activation method. This app will also work in conjunction with Backgrounder.


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