• "Guy Phones" Steal The Show on Halloween

    Talk about modifying your iPhone!

    It certainly wasn't inexpensive, but the attention these two creative dudes are attracting from their unique Halloween costumes has been priceless.

    Friends John Savio and Reko Rivera coughed up nearly $2,000 to create two wearable iPhone costumes that they are wearing at this very hour to celebrate Halloween.

    According to iPhoneFaq.com:

    The two "guyPhones" have been entering costume contests for prize money and have already won $1,000. Using flat screen televisions and modified iPhones they are able to output the video signal from their devices on the front screen of the costume.
    In case you're wondering, yes, the the costumes are fully functional. They display searches, texts and any other feature native to a real iPhone.

    Each costume weighs nearly eighty-five pounds and is powered with enough juice to run for about 4.5 hours - you know, sort of like a real iPhone. The costume runs off of a car battery - and you don't even want to know where that things is strapped.

    The "guyphones" have been a huge hit this Halloween for obvious reasons and its likely the two geniuses behind the outfits will recoup their investment.

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    Image via iPhonefaq
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