• TomTom Releases Update for iPod touch and 1st-Gen iPhone

    TomTom has, at long last, released a version of its navigation app compatible with original iPhones and the iPod touch. With version 1.2 of the app, released yesterday on the App Store, users of these devices can join iPhone 3G and 3GS users with enjoying turn-by-turn navigation... when used with its $119.95 car kit. The company had originally stated that their product would support the devices, but at the time of the October release only iPhones with GPS receivers were compatible.

    The new version also features a new text-to-speech function, so the driver can pay attention to the roads while the app announces street names as turns are reached. It also allows the driver to control iPod music from within the app, rather than having to switch in and out of iPod mode. There's improved lane guidance in both landscape and portrait mode, direct access to emergency numbers with the "Help Me" function, a database update to its map and safety camera database update, and customizable audio warnings while approaching safety cameras or driving faster than the speed limit.

    The update is free to owners of earlier versions of the app, which sells with U.S. and Canada maps in the App Store for $99. Maps are also available for Western Europe ($139.99), Australia ($79.99) and New Zealand ($94.99).

    A company spokesman said that the upgrade is part of an ongoing process of adding functionality to the app.

    The TomTom app for iPhone is a priority for us and we are committed to both its long term development and everyday improvements. Current and future customers of our application for the iPhone can count on more great updates from TomTom for free.
    TomTom's car kit is a cradle which contains a GPS module, integrated speaker, charger, and line out. It is not required when the TomTom app is paired with the iPhone 3G and 3GS, which have integrated GPS receivers, but can be used to improve GPS reception. The kit retails for $119.95 US.

    image via TomTom
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