• Malicious Worm Takes Aim at Jailbroken iPhones

    There's a new worm on the radar. And, this time, it's a bit more nefarious than anything Rick Astley could have ever imagined himself.

    The worm is the first malicious infestation to hit the iPhone, the first merely displaying a picture of 1980's crooner Rick Astley - although music lovers might claim that was pretty malicious as well.
    According to a boatload of media outlets covering the news today, a second worm to hit the iPhone has been detected by security company F-Secure. And, says TG Daily, for now, the worm has set its sights on people in the Netherlands who use their iPhones for internet banking with Dutch online bank ING Direct.

    In other words, this worm isn't just for "fun." There is an obvious financial motive behind this newly discovered attack.

    The worm attacks jailbroken phones and sneakily redirects bank customers to a cloned, look-alike site prompting one to enter their username and password. Naturally, the bank is now frantically trying to get the word out to customers in a hurried fashion.

    Unfortunately, it isn't yet clear just how many iPhones may be infected. Once thought to be merely in the hundreds, it's now more likely that the number has increased into the thousands. As warned by F-Secure, the aforementioned worm can recruit iPhones to a botnet and skip around among phones currently sharing the same wi-fi hotspot.

    "It's the second iPhone worm ever and the first that's clearly malicious - there's a clear financial motive behind it," says F-Secure research director Mikko Hyponen."It's fairly isolated and specific to Netherlands but it is capable of spreading."
    For now, fending off the worm involves some pretty basic steps. For example, jailbroken phone owners are strongly encouraged to revise their SSH password from the default '"Alpine" to help evade the worm.

    To help spread the word and not the worm, F-Secure is endeavoring to publish as many known details as possible of the worm. You can check out their official blog originating from Lithuania by clicking here.

    Image via Mobile Castle
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