• iPhone Uses 50% of All World Mobile Data

    AdMob - soon to be purchased by Google - released a report tabulating webpage requests from smartphones worldwide to sites served by its ads. The result? iPhone users were responsible for half of all the traffic on mobile phones in October, up from 43% in September. The proportion in the United States was even larger, where 55% of all requests came from an iPhone.

    AdMob serves ads "for over 15,000 mobile Web sites and applications around the world," the company notes. The data resulting from these requests allows them to put together a picture of usage trends for mobile networks, worldwide and by country. The report found that 55% of the ad requests originating in the United States was made from an iPhone, an increase of 7.2% in a single month.

    In the same period, Android phones' data use in the US rose to 20%, which means that between the iPhone and Android platforms alone account for three-quarters of the data used by smartphones in the US.

    Blackberry dropped from 14% to 12%, while Palm Web OS usage rates plummeted from 10% in September to 5% last month.

    image via The Unofficial Apple Weblog
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