• 4iThumbs Overlay - A Tactile Keyboard for your iPhone

    One the biggest features that might sway a heavy texter away from purchasing the iPhone might be it's lack of keyboard. With no real feedback except for some sounds and visual cues, the iPhone keyboard can serve to be quite the pain in the *** if you do alot of typing on your Phone.

    Still to this day I have Blackberry users squeel about how their BB is better because it has a keyboard or how the BlackBerry Storm's feedback is way better than the iPhone. While all of this may be true, as always, we iPhone users have lots of options.

    Although this is probably something I would never use due to the fact that I do NOT want to carry around a bunch of screens. One thing in my pocket is enough.

    4iThumbs has created a tactile overlay for your iPhone keyboard providing real time feedback and as the website says, you can even type without looking. (I doubt that)

    Esesntially the i4Thumbs overlay has small little bumps where the keyboard would be. Although the pictures and video show an overlay designed for portrait mode, there is also a landscape version of the overlay as well. Of course this could serve to be a pain in the *** if you want to switch back and forth, but nonetheless, the option for a tactile keyboard on the iPhone does exist.

    You'll be happy to know that the 4iThumbs overlay is easily removed at any time to enjoy your games without some weird button layout. Their website boasts that the screen is one of the strongest protectors and has anti-glare built in. They also dub it as your "personal trainer".

    The screen is $15 and only includes ONE type.

    Check out their spoof commercial below. Albeit a little cheesy, but delivers the point.

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