• iPhone Coming to Virgin Mobile for Canada

    Earlier we discussed that UK retailer Tesco will offer the device for use on the O2 network exclusively, and it will be selling both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. Read more..

    Now we have another carrier to add to the list, this time for Canada. Last Month both Telus and Bell joined in on the iPhone frenzy and started offering the iPhone to their customers. These carriers had to build new GSM networks to be able to properly provide the iPhone, since their existing networks were CDMA, which of course Apple doesn not support.

    On November 19th, Virgin Mobile had announced it would begin offering the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the coming months." The press release can be found here: VIRGIN MOBILE IPHONE ANNOUNCEMENT - Virgin Mobile Canada

    The folks over at MobileSyrup have guesstimated February 2010 as the launch date for Virgin Mobile Canada, of course, there is no hard evidence on this as of yet.

    You'd think news like this would be great to hear. That should create more competitive pricing right? No. Unfortunately for us Canadian's that is NOT the case. As is always the case in the tightly controlled and regulated CMCI and CRTC, all carriers are offering pretty much exactly the same price plans. They've got us in a stronghold here and it seems it just won't budge. They know we'll continue to pour money in and they know that even with competition, each cut is still extremely profitable. However, it will be interesting to see what their price plans will be. Virgin, now owned by Sprint (NYSE:S), is charging $60 for 1 GB of bandwidth.

    Another carrier for the iPhone, but no progress on mobile competition in Canada. I'm beginning to think there never will be. I guess we should be thankful we have a few to choose from, where as the US is stuck with only one carrier.
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