• iGizmoz Works Around Jailbreak to Add Widgets to Your iPhone

    A new application approved for the App Store brings widgets to the iPhone, circumventing the need to first jailbreak it.

    Yes, indeed, iGizmoz has earned Apple's stamp of approval. Why? For obvious reasons. While there are already a few high-profile apps like Cydget and SmartScreen that enable one to set up widgets on the iPhone, that process is only made possible by jailbreaking the device.

    You can understand why Apple is seemingly gung-ho about iGizmoz, although its unlikely anyone is going to regret having jailbroken their iPhones because of this $0.99 application's arrival.

    According to a write up and review by AIS:

    The widgets can be freely arranged on the scrollable screen. Once a widget has been added to the main screen, it can be double tapped and customized. You can also change the background image of the main screen choosing from the images provided or choosing an image from your Photo Library.
    The eleven customizable widgets include:

    * Calendar
    * Countdown
    * Flashlight
    * Search tool
    * Slideshow
    * Speed dial
    * Sticky notes
    * Stopwatch
    * Swinging creature
    * Tic tac toe game
    * World clock

    The only drawback I see in this app is that it is an app and will not work on your lockscreen or springboard unlike Quickwidgets, Smartscreen, or Cydgets. Itís a great app but I wish this could be used in a similar manner to the jailbroken apps.
    Going out on a limb here, but it seems that if Apple hopes to "convince" iPhone owners that jailbreaking isn't the way to go in light of new applications like iGizmoz and other forthcoming developments, it would appear - at least to me - that such a plan would backfire and actually inspire more people who never even seriously considered jailbreaking their iPhone to now actually do so.

    iGizmoz is now available for download.

    Image via AIS
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