• SnapTap: Take Photos Like a Real Camera using the iPhone Volume Controls

    Last week we covered a new app on the scene called Snappy, which allowed you to take properazzi style photos by snapping a quick photo by simply pressing and holding on the top status bar in any application.

    Although Snappy is more of a camera Add-on, and SnapTap is more of a tweak. SnapTap, by Tom Zickel, allows you to take pictures using the volume controls instead of using the small camera button onscreen. This app is intended to also work with any other camera apps you might use, which really makes this tweak a fantastic addition. I personally always found it ridiculous when taking a photo by tapping the screen. Using the volume controls to snap your photo should have been a built in feature, but alas, here we are, Tom brings us a great tweak to use your phone in a more Camera-Like manner.

    The idea behind this tweak is so that you can hold your iPhone like a normal camera and use the volume buttons as the shutter control. It also makes self portraits incredibly easier, and also works for activating the video camera and stopping it.

    UPDATE: This does NOT affect the volume when using it. I snapped like 10 pictures while listening to music and the volume stayed where it was.

    You will be required to have 3.0 or higher on your iPhone, as it has not been tested on anything below.

    * Take photos easily by using the volume controls.
    * Finally take self-portrait pictures without figuring where to press.
    * Tested with the built-in camera taking app, should work with others as well.
    You can download & purchase SnapTap from the Cydia Store for $.99. This tweak is available on the BigBoss repo.

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