• Stolen Belgian iPhones Show Up in Russia?

    Two weeks ago, a shipment of from three to four thousand iPhones- valued at from 2 million to 3 million - was stolen from a warehouse in Belgium. Now, an unnamed black market dealer is selling off iPhones in Russia, raising concerns that these are indeed the snatched smartphones.

    According to the Russian website iPhones.ru, the phones - which are called "Europeans" - are being sold in lots of no less than 100 for drastically reduced prices, cash on demand. The iPhone 3GS is not available legitimately in Russia, but it's relatively easy to buy an unlocked "ayfon" from overseas on the black market. The site reports that vendors are suspicious of the deals, because it's generally believed that Interpol is on the case, and has the IMEIs on file. The phones are already disabled on Mobistar's network in Belgium, and the concern is that the phones would be disabled in Russia as well.

    The site also offers a hint for Russian "ayfon" owners who suspect they may have inadvertently bought a stolen "European:" go to Settings and tap General, then About. If the last two characters of the Model string are NF, that indicates it's a stolen Mobistar phone.

    image via textually.org
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