• iPhone App Aims to Whiten Teeth

    Ever wanted a million-dollar smile? Can't afford one? Well, you're in luck.

    There's an app for that... sort of.

    This weekend on the Today show, an app that's been around for a while but hasn't received much attention until lately finally resurfaced for us to "brush up" on.

    In only a few short years we've see the iPhone used to provide more functions than virtually anyone initially thought possible. Now, the iPhone can even whiten teeth, thanks to the Colgate Max White Photo Recharger iPhone application, available through the ModMyi app store.

    From TMC News this weekend:

    If you're strapped for cash and can't have them professionally whitened, you can fake it -- all you need is an iPhone. The Colgate Max White Photo Recharger iPhone application is available for download to ensure a stellar smile with every photo. In just a few taps, dull smiles will turn dazzling.
    Although there is no shortage of photo touch up services available to provide similar airbrushing opportunities, the application from "teeth whitening experts" Colgate hopes to inspire you to smile in photos that would have otherwise portrayed you with a closed-mouth grin.

    It's pretty easy: Just download the app free from the app store, bam, pick a photo -- keeping in mind, of course, the whole point is to have one where you're actually smiling.
    Simply tapping the screen prompts a toothbrush to appear. Before long, your smile has been touched up and given a glossy new shine. The Recharger app even lets you add text bubbles and borders to your new and improved images - probably to add a reminder to buy more whitening strips.

    Good as the real thing? No. But a close second? Probably.

    The Colgate Max White Photo Recharger iPhone application is free and available for download now.

    Image via Colgate
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