• iPhone "3,1" Suggests Significant Hardware Change?

    Rumors abound this weekend that Apple is holding steadfast to the late Autumn tradition of previous years and is now once again testing new iPhone hardware that could be introduced as early as next summer.

    According to a report from 9to5Mac:

    Today we learned that new iPhones were found using apps with tracking software in the San Francisco area. The news is not surprising since the same thing has happened around this time of year for the past few years. This is the traditional time that Apple starts testing new iPhone hardware for release in summer.
    While the suggestion of "iPhone3,1" has been around for several months, dating back to its discovery in the iPhone firmware last August, the latest find of it in the San Francisco Bay Area could once again prove telling about what's to come for summer 2010.

    Former iPhones were labeled like this:

    * OG iPhone= 1,1
    * iPhone3G = 1,2
    * iPhone 3GS= 2,1
    * iPhone(PA Semi?) = 3,1
    Despite the find, we're still short on details with regard to the next gen iPhone, although there is no shortage of high hopes for its introduction, including wishes for a multi-core processor to dramatically improve performance. Some are even bandying about the idea of a processor from PA Semi, a Steve Jobs favorite. Rumors aside, all that is known for certain is that the 3,1 designation has many believing that the new iPhone hardware will represent a much bigger upgrade than the previous.

    The iPhone 3G wasn't a big upgrade from the original iPhone, hence only the point upgrade in the hardware code number. While it did add a 3G radio and GPS, the processor was still the ARM 11-based Samsung chip that was also used in the original iPod Touches.
    No matter how you slice it or complicate matters with unsubstantiated speculation, Apple is, indeed, clearing the way for a new iPhone offering. And sans any major security leaks, we will simply have to muster the patience to wait until next June or July to see what Cupertino has in store for us.

    Image from 9to5Mac
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