• BBC iPlayer Screenshots Leaked: TV Download Coming Soon to your iPhone!

    The British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as "BBC", is the longest and largest running broadcaster in the world. The BBC is paid for by an annual television licence fee, which is charged to all UK households that use equipment capable of recording and/or receiving live television broadcasts. Of course this fee is decided by the Government, leading to god knows what for prices. But for all of you BBC watchers, here is some good news.

    The BBC iPlayer will be bringing downloads and live streaming to your iPhone, even including interactive options and built-in streaming radio. This has all been confirmed by a leaked screenshot of the new player in action. The image shows a brand new BBC iPlayer iPhone app, complete with search, live streaming and the option to download TV shows. Yes, we said DOWNLOAD.

    Even more interesting, the live shows have the option to “send a message” to the program directly from the iPhone app. None of the new features are currently available with the iPlayer. So this is big news for BBC Watchers.

    Of course I have no release date for you, but from what we've seen it looks pretty much wrapped up. From the images we can also see that is on Wi-Fi so we can assume that 3G is probably disabled. However, if BBC really does allow TV downloads onto the iPhone, that might not matter at all.

    I should also mention, before you get your hopes up, this BBC iPlayer app is only available to UK residents. Digital Rights issues prevent BBC iPlayer working outside the UK. Of course, I'm sure we all know, there are always workarounds, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

    If you are in the UK and interested in using iPlayer through Media Center or your Xbox 360, Neowin posted a guide earlier this week on how to enable this - unofficially.

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