• mame4iPhone Now 3.x Compatible! And It Works With A WiiMote!

    Back in the days of firmware 2.x and 1.x, we were able to play mame roms directly from our iPhone and iPod Touch. The app was called mame4iphone developed by ZodTTD. It emulates a huge range of arcade games from the 1970's - 2000. mame4iphone was based on MAME 0.37 Beta 5.

    mame4iphone is back with vengeance, and is now available for iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 3.0. It is available for download for free on Cydia and also available for Rock users.

    What else is new in this release you ask? Well for starters you should notice some performance improvements over the previous version, which is no surprise considering the plethora of changes to firmware 3.0 as well. The emulator has also been updated to MAME4All v2.4. There are specific user interface changes as well that allow for the entire romset to be loaded, as well as some bugs with screen orientation and scaling.

    There is a known issue where ROMs can not be switched mid-game. There is also no way to use save states due to the older version of MAME being used. Both of these issues occurred in v1.0.0 as well.

    This should help ease the wait for my proper NeoGeo+CD emulator release, as a good amount of classic NeoGeo games are supported.

    Give it a go, and hope you enjoy!
    - ZodTTD
    And to top it all off, it appears that mame4iPhone also works with a Nintendo WiiMote. Yes, you read that correctly. Our good friend ZodTTD has made this video to prove it even! After talking with the developers of BTstack, he ran out and gave it a shot with mame4iPhone.

    Some of you might be thinking, "Why in gods name would I want to use a WiiMote?". Not entirely sure, but the beauty of this is that we may soon see a controller such as a Playstation controller, compatible with your iPhone. Then we just need a holder that attaches to it. Not sure how that would fair against iControlPad....

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