• Emblaze Accuses Apple of Patent Infringement

    According to a report from 9to5Mac, the Israeli firm known as Emblaze is issuing a staunch warning to Apple. Executives at the company say that a new Apple-approved app for the iPhone and iPod touch violates Emblaze's US patent regarding media streaming technology.

    What's the name of the app? Your guess is as good as mine. For now, Emblaze isn't saying. Although this week, we at ModMyi covered the arrival of an app that Emblaze could be referring to: Knocking Live, the first formally sanctioned and Apple approved iPhone app to offer live video broadcasting over a 3G network.

    Emblaze has been developing media streaming technology for over a decade and first unveiled its technology to the public in a live video streaming broadcast from the White House during Easter, 1998.
    Before Knocking Live came along to get all the attention, Emblaze had been busy promoting its own mobile platform dubbed "ELSE," which supposedly integrates the patented technology for streaming video between devices, advancements that Apple now appears to be interested in.

    What Emblaze wants isn't yet clear. Could the company sue and seek damages in the process? Maybe. But for now, Emblaze reportedly remains "open" to the idea of working with Apple - a long-term business decision likely in the best interest of the company.

    The company has offered to license its technology to Apple, and the notice requires that Apple respond to Emblazeís accusations by December 15.
    Bizarre but true, it seems no one at Emblaze has yet contacted the app developer to try to work out a licensing agreement. Emblaze's interest in doing so was apparently only expressed in their formal statement, which issued the initial warning to Apple.

    Image via 9to5mac
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