• iPod Nano & Classic Being Phased Out: No More ClickWheel Games from Apple

    It appears that Apple is slowly trying to phase out the older iPods that feature the vintage Click Wheel. I find this to be kind of an ******* move considering they just re-released the nano with video support, which still uses the Click Wheel. So anyone who enjoys games on their iPod Nano, unfortunately there will be nothing new to look forward to.

    Joystiq reported on some new games coming out soon, and happened to mention that the new iPhone games contain touch-enabled versions of both the original Song Summoner that was a popular click wheel iPod game and Song Summoner 2, which was never released, apparently because Apple has abandoned the click wheel game format.

    "...Song Summoner 2, which was never released due to Apple ending support for click wheel games."

    via [Joystiq]
    The AppStore still offers a large list of iPod Click Wheel Games from our trusty iTunes Store, but no new games have been released since Cake Mania 3 in February of 2009. Apple had introduced iPod Click Wheel Games with the release of iTunes 7 in September 2006 and a total of nearly 50 games were released over the next 2 and a half years.

    However, all of this being said, it could of course just be rumour, as Apple has never officially acknowledged that ClickWheel compatibility will be discontinued. Even so, this does NOT mean the oldschool iPods' days are outnumbered, it only means that Apple apple's focus is elsewhere. Being as successful as the store is, I would image they would want to keep the flow of apps and games coming, even the older ones as I'm sure they still sell.

    Of course none of this comes as a surprise, as it's quite clear the Touch Screen is their focus and future. But I still can't help but think it would be a very bad move to discontinue this, as there is still a large amount of people with iPod Nano's.

    One can speculate that there are new iPods coming once again I guess...

    How many of you still play games with their ClickWheel iPod?
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