• .Apps/Ads unveils New Open and Free Ad Management Platform for iPhone App Developers

    As an iPhone developer, if you want to run ads on your app to make money, it's not exactly a simple step by step process. With each company out there promising more and more to try and sway you to use their services over others, promising this or that, it can be confusing. And to top it all off, there is really no way to know which one is the best for you and your app.

    This can lead to a huge mess when tracking profits and figuring out which platform is working for you. This is where .app/ads steps up to the plate. .App/ads is an in-application advertising management tool. Like the other players, .app/ads provides a uber-simple dashboard for app developers to create mutiple ad slots within their apps, list their apps, and implement advertising through a variety of ad-networks/exchanges. App/ads was build from the ground up, to help developers manage, maximize, and optimize their ad space all under one single platform, in the most effect way.

    Now the features don't stop here. With all of the services available such as AdMob/Google, MobClix, Video Egg, TapJoy, and so on, .App/Ads will allow you to manage each one of these services and even help you keep up to date with future ad services that may benefit your product.

    .App/Ads takes this idea even one step further, by giving the developer complete control over his/her ads. The developer can add In-App purchasing to remove ads, plug another app that they have developed and show it as an ad, or even feature other developers apps as an ad. You can track how many ads have been shown and control when specific content should appear after a specified number of ads.

    There is an SDK available for download from their official site. Here is what they have to say about it

    Open Ad Integration is basically what it's name implies. It is an open source alternative to our closed SDK to manage 3rd party networks. You can add any ad network to your app and use your AppAds account to manage them easily. There is no limit to the number of SDKs so you can add as many as you need. Open Ad Integration gives you the freedom and control to tweak any element you desire. It comes to you as either a static library to just drop into your project and use out-of-box, or you can download the source code and tweak the code and add/remove SDKs, etc. You are no longer required to use a bundled ad SDK without internal control over how it works.
    This team has been at the forefront of innovation in online performance marketing for a long time. It sounds like taking what they did at Traffic Marketplace (create an environment that maximized value for the network publishers and advertisers) and are applying it to the next generation of ad network (i.e. developers, advertisers, and individuals).

    Official Website: .app/ads - home

    Source: TechChrunch iPhone Developers Get An Open Ad Management Platform From .App/Ads

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