• Stuck on a Ski Slope? There's an Augmented Reality App For That!

    Every year we hear the tragic tales of individuals who perished after getting lost on what should have been an uneventful mountain hike, skiing trip, or other mountainous adventure of some sort. Now, the iPhone 3GS is being modified into a potentially life saving device to help wayward individuals find their way back to safety. Or at least find a bathroom.

    Geek.com is providing coverage of the new app's release. Dubbed "REALSKI," the application enables users to scan their surroundings using their iPhone 3GS. Thanks to the miracle of augmented reality, digital graphics appear over the landscape to reveal specific information and vital details about nearby trails and virtually everything else in your immediate surroundings - even if it's covered in snow and invisible to the naked eye.

    If you are an avid skier who is looking to hit the slopes this season you may want to check out a new application called REALSKI by Resort Technology Partners (RTP). The Colorado-based company is offering an iPhone 3GS application which gives skiers valuable information when it comes to navigating popular ski resorts. The initial version of the app will have five resorts including Killington, Copper Mountain, Deer Valley, Northstar-at-Tahoe and Stevens Pass.
    A free version of REALSKI is available but includes information pertinent to the above five US resorts only. Additional resorts and locations will be available for a fee at a later time.

    The best way to describe the experience for skiers using the app is to recall how television viewers watching the NHL were able to follow the movement of the fast-moving puck by way of a digital tracer that outlined its trajectory and presence at all times. Today, similar technology enables the iPhone 3GS to provide details and outlines of trails and other surrounding landmarks in your presence.

    RTP has to be happy to be one of the first out of the gate, pun intended, to offer an augmented reality (AR) app for mountain resorts. Considering the capabilities of the iPhone 3GS we will no doubt see more of these AR apps hit the app store.
    RTP launched REALSKI just the day before yesterday, and already its becoming a hot commodity for skiers. The application is expected to work at all Colorado resorts by the conclusion of this year.

    I found it kind of humorous that the developer made it a point to remind skiers not to use the app while actually skiing in its press release.
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    Image via Geek.com
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