• Winterboard Updated: Now Compatible With iOS 4

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    Possibly one of the most popular reasons that someone jailbreaks their iDevice, is for the incredible things WinterBoard does. It allows designers and users to transform their iDevice, making non-jailbreakers everywhere extremely jealous. I have to admit, without Winterboard, I'd get bored looking at my phone.

    iOS 4 was released only three days ago, and yet amongst all the iPhone 4 chaos, Saurik has updated Winterboard to be fully compatible with iOS 4. Yes, fully compatible.... ok, I take that back. It's reported that some things might still not work, but for the most part, it's working. The new version 0.9.3211-1, is available via Cydia right now!

    Next Up, Theme Of The Week... a little late yes, but lots of iPhone 4 chaos. Stay tuned...
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