• New AT&T App 'Mark The Spot' Aims to Find Network Problems

    AT&T has released a new iPhone application on Monday, that aims to help find and correct Network problems. This comes as no surprise with all the recent struggles between AT&T and Verizon, arguing over who has the best coverage. We've all seen the commercials and the maps, and now it's our turn to have an input on what type of coverage we are getting.

    AT&T's latest FREE iPhone app, Mark the Spot, allows AT&T users to report problems with the network such as dropped calls, failed calls, no coverage, data failure, and poor voice quality . Using the built in GPS in your iPhone, it will then send a report to AT&T and provide a text message confirming a successful report.

    AT&T has listed the following features for its new software:
    • Simlicity of operation
    • Submit a real time report capturing local GPS coordinates at time and place of event
    • Submit a report after the fact when a customer is not at the place of event
    • Submit a report of dropped call, failed call, lack of coverage, data service failure, or poor voice quality
    • Submit optional specific comments about an event
    • Receive an SMS acknowledgement that the reported event was sent and received successfully.
    We can only hope that this means AT&T will gather all of those reports and begin to improve its network accordingly. The data would prove to be very helpful and AT&T can use it to determine where poor network coverage is affecting a lot of customers. However, what good is this if AT&T ignores this data? Is this app simply being released to make customers feel better about their problems?

    What do you think? Market Ploy, or real Improvement Strategy?

    Mark The Spot: iTunes Store Link

    EDIT CPJR: Credit to Limegrntaln for posting the news earlier
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