• Qik Submitted to AppStore - Is Apple Relaxing It's AppStore Rules?

    The AppStore has been taking some huge steps in improving it's screening process for new Apps, as well as providing developers with up to date news on changes. Now that the AppStore has approved live video-streaming apps like Knocking and USTREAM's Live Broadcaster, it’s only a matter of time before we see more from other companies that provide live-streaming services. A Prime example of this would be Qik’s iPhone app. On the official Qik Blog, we are told that they’ve submitted their updated Qik for iPhone app (My guess is it's a whole new app, not just an update), complete with live-streaming functionality, to Apple for AppStore approval.

    Qik is well known as one of the premier live video broadcasting services for smartphones, especially the Nokia. Unfortunately, the iPhone version of the app didn’t allow for live broadcasting – it’s currently limited to recording video and sending the clips to Qik’s website. That will all change once the updated Qik for iPhone app goes live. IF it goes live. I don't see why not with the recent approval of USTREAM and Knocking.

    Until then, we have some new Apps to play with, but don't forget, we also have Qik available now, however only jailbroken iPhones can stream live video to the web. Hopefully, all of us can enjoy this soon.

    One can only hope that this means we will start to see some previously rejected Apps hit the AppStore that we've all been waiting for. However, I am suspect to the idea that this might only be applicable for video broadcasting. It seems like once Jobs approved the Knocking App, he had to say yes to the rest. Perhaps we might see Sling Mobile back in the AppStore soon. I know that would make lots of people happy

    Read the official Qik blog : Qik for iPhone submitted to App Store | Qik Blog

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rokesomesmeefer View Post
      "Its" is the possessive form of "it". "It's" is the abbreviated form of "it is".

      Your fallback is incorrect as well. "Apple" is singular, as would be "the company" or "the group". "Their" indicates that the subject is plural, for example,"The ladies went to the other room to continue their 'girl-stuff' conversation." If you were to add "group of" before "ladies" then the sentence should read "The group of ladies went to the other room to continue its 'girl-stuff' conversation." as the subject, "the group", is now singular. Remove "of ladies" from the sentence and what you end up with is,"The group went to the other room to continue its 'girl-stuff' conversation."

      Now I know what you are thinking - that "group" indicates more than 1 person and is plural. But that's (abbreviated form of "that is", not plural of "that") not the case. "Group" encompasses all the people in the group into a single entity and is thus singular. When you refer to the people within the group, you use plural forms. But when you refer to the group as a whole, you use singular forms. If you refer to Apple employees, you use plural forms. If you refer to Apple as a company, you use singular forms.

      Apple adds mind-control to its Macbook Pro line.
      Apple claims it's not doing anything to hinder jailbreaking.
      Apple says its patents are being infringed by Nokia.
      Apple employees say their jobs are great!

      Lastly, if you feel the need to ask for someone to "correct me if I am wrong" during an attempt at correcting someone else, it's (abbreviated form of "it is", not possessive form of "it") likely that you are wrong.
      It's nice that we are having English lessons right here on an MMI news post...
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