• Gorillacam Tripod Application Picture Perfect for iPhone

    Although our built-in iPhone cameras have enabled millions of us to capture the priceless - or pointless - moments that would have otherwise passed un-preserved, among the most frustrating aspects of our beloved iPhone camera is its inability to match the functionalities of a traditional point and shoot camera.

    Until now, for example, taking a group photo or family portrait on the iPhone was nearly impossible without someone removing themselves from the frame in order to activate the iPhone's camera. But thanks to Joby's new "Gorillacam," the iPhone can now function more like a real camera than we've previously been accustomed to.

    Once your iPhone is steadied and secured (preferably on an actual tripod), the new application enables a host of exciting features that, while common to the attributes of most flash photography equipment, are refreshing when found on the iPhone.

    According to an introduction to Gorillacam from Wired's Gadget Lab:

    The functions are skewed towards tripod-mounted pictures, of course, and you get such smart additions as a bubble level at the top of the screen, grid lines, a press-anywhere shutter release and auto-save to let you keep shooting instead of waiting for a save between snaps.
    Best of all, you can set a self-timer for the iPhone's camera to ensure everyone gets in the picture. A "burst-mode" of three shots is also possible, as well as a cool time-lapse function that, needless to say, shoots pictures at intervals that can be customized anywhere between one second and two minutes.

    The Gorillacam application - which is free - will likely help raise the profile of Joby's already popular line of iPhone/iPod hardware including, naturally, their own tripod dubbed Gorillamobile.

    The iPhone presents a unique opportunity for accessory makers. Never before has a tripod maker, for example, been able to actually reach inside a camera and tweak its software. But thatís exactly what Joby has done with Gorillacam, an iPhone app which lets you get the most out of not just Jobyís iPhone tripod but any tripod on which the phone may happen to be perched.
    Image via UberGizmo
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