• New Look Unveiled For App Store Pages

    This weekend, Apple is introducing a new look and design to their App Store individual app pages. Closely mirroring the iTunes 9 design, the new look adds greater visual consistency to the overall iTunes/app store user experience. But the motivation for the revision is believed to be the growing number of developers displeased with the previous look of the store's individual app pages.

    According to coverage from MacRumors:

    The changes will be of primary interest to App Store developers who rely on the App Store pages to drive sales.
    The most obvious changes rolled out include larger, more visually striking application icons. A variety of screenshots portraying apps are also now available within a scrollable window. Additionally, a shortened description of the app now appears in the first two lines by default. Further helping promote developers and their work, other apps they've released are similarly listed automatically, much the same way "other books by this author" is listed on Amazon.

    In general, there seems to be a bigger focus on the icon/screenshots on first glance of the page. The changes seem to be propagating to the App Store tonight so not all pages have been affected.
    As the passage above notes, the full breadth of the store will soon be covered by the new look. And, in the design, it's clear that Apple is aiming for a less text-heavy construct and, instead, will now rely upon a more image-oriented appearance that, put simply, makes individual app pages look a lot "prettier."

    Adding to the pervasive theory that 2010 will be a year largely dedicated to developers from Apple's perspective, the people in Cupertino are obviously striving to improve and repair relationships with many frustrated developers. Realizing that the app store is only good as its offerings, Apple will likely continue working to improve both the App Store approval process as well as the marketing efforts afforded by individual app pages in the store.

    Image via MacRumors
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