• iVideoCamera: Video Recording For The iPhone 2G/3G. AppStore Approved

    It appears Apple really is loosening it's grip on what developers can submit to the AppStore. I received an email today that informed me of a new App in the AppStore called iVideoCamera that lets your record about 15fps on any iPhone.

    Although this makes me wonder, with Apple being so kind to the new handful of Video apps, does this mean that we might be seeing OS 3.2 soon? And could it possibly include the addition of video recording for the iPhone 2G/3G? It's quite possible at this point, as they wouldn't want too many apps "duplicating" a function that "already exists".

    iVideoCamera also gives you the ability to save to your camera roll or "Photos" and share via, FaceBook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and more to come. With the approval of this App the devs are very excited to start updates. First Knocking, then UStream, I wonder what we will see next in the lineup of Video apps...

    iVideoCamera is available in the AppStore for $0.99.

    UPDATE: With the approval of this App, the developers were so excited they submitted an update for it already that improves quality with better resolution.

    iTunes Store Link

    Thanks to Niko Niittyranta for the tip

    From the official iTunes description: Fps is stated differently for some reason
    NOTE: Requires OS 3.1 so if you dont have it upgrade now.

    - The iPhone can only capture about 3 frames per second
    - Videos are limited to about 1 minute in length
    - Resolution is low: 160x213
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