• iHandstick Clearly Has 'Control' Issues

    It's been decided by everyone but the executives in Cupertino that the iPhone and iTouch represent the future of handheld gaming. And although these particular mobile devices weren't designed with video gaming prowess at the apex of the priority list, avid gamers have fallen for the iPhone and it seems little can come between these two lovers.

    Yet one of the greatest obstacles (according to some gamers) prohibiting the iPhone from taking off and never looking back within the mobile gaming community is the lack of a controller-esque feel and functionality. In an attempt to resolve this issue for those it bothers, the makers of iHandstick are hoping to capitalize on the potential of the iPhone gaming market by giving gamers exactly what many want.

    From iPhone-Scoop:

    As luck would have it, the iHandstick that has recently entered the iPhone market as an accessory is said to ease up your gaming experience and take it to a new level. Now this hand held device is probably what everyone is looking forward to.
    But some folks who have reportedly given the new device a chance are now pointing to problems that others could see coming from a mile away. For example, iHandstick does not offer any control functionality through the grip mechanism. All the device can do is hoist your iPhone or iPod Touch on top of a traditional-looking video game controller to enable you to hold your Apple device exactly as you would a Playstation controller. Otherwise, touchscreen games will still require you to play them the same way as before. So, in this regard, the iHandstick could prove an even bigger impediment to comfortable iPhone gaming.

    It is so easy to use that all you need to do is snap on your iPhone or iPod Touch onto the hand held grip of the phone. The iHandstick is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the 2nd and 3rd generation of the iPod as well.
    The above passage wholly sums up what the iHandstick is good for. As indicated by a recent profile from Gizmodo, anyone with illusions that iHandstick will revolutionize the iPhone video gaming experience should start to yank down their soaring expectations.

    The biggest thing keeping the iPhone from rendering the Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP Go obsolete is its lack of physical buttons. You just can't play some games with a touchscreen. And this wacky iHandstick does nothing to solve that.
    Image via Gizmodo
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