• iPhone 3.1.3 and 4.0 Spotted in the Wild?

    Boy Genius Report, the website of the popular Engadget blogger, posted an excerpt from their server visitor log that showed browsers claiming to be using the "iPhone OS 4_0" and "iPhone OS 3_1_3" operating systems accessing the site. Observers have seized on this as evidence that a new OS revisions are being tested on the Internet, though the log entries are not in themselves proof that these systems exist.

    Just a few weeks ago, an iPhone carrying the hardware designation "3,1" was spotted by Pandav, the developers of iBart, on the San Francisco Bay Area's rapid transit system. The combination on new hardware codes and software user agents has encouraged the spread of talk about new releases. However, there are browser add-ons that enable a user to just type in any information at all into the "user agent" field that is being reported by the browser. The MacRumors site notes that they've seen log entries like those reported by BGR that seem to be fake:
    In this case, we also found similar user agent strings in our logs, though they were not originating out of an Apple IP address, but instead out of somewhere in Florida. Little else can be said about the finding.
    Of course, this hasn't stifled speculation as to the possible features that will come with the upgrade, including such things as Bluetooth file transfer support and the addition of turn-by-turn voice guidance to Maps, which is currently only available on the Droid.

    image via Boy Genius Report
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