• Dexim DRA022 Connects iPod, iPhone to Home Entertainment Center

    If you haven't already blown your extra spending cash on the must-have iPod beanie (insert sarcasm here), perhaps a more worthwhile investment would be a cool new gadget from Dexim.

    Although many iPhone and iPod users have a Dexim dock for charging their mobile devices, the accessory makers recently unveiled a new device that puts the iPhone/iPod front and center in your home entertainment setup. Best of all, the Dexim DRA022 is not only an entertainment dock, it also incorporates the familiar battery extender we've come to know and love from Dexim.

    From TechNewsWorld:

    Using the WiFi capabilities of the iPhone or iPod touch, an operator can surf the Net, showcase photos, and display video on a high-definition television at a resolution of 720i, as well as listen to music on a home stereo system.
    The dock. which retails for about eighty bucks, arrives with a component AV cable, mini HDMI cable, and a USB AC adapter. So no matter what your need is in the moment - connecting to a TV, charging your handset, or synchronizing with a computer - the dock has you covered. The dock also comes with a nifty little remote control with a 30-foot range for selecting content, adjusting volume and controlling selections.

    Eight inserts are packed with the unit to ensure a smooth fit with all the latest iPhone and iPod models, including the new iPhone 3GS and iPod touch.
    With an increasing number of entertainment demands being placed on the iPhone with each passing day, it's easy to see how popular a device like this could ultimately become in light of its ability to provide yet another fresh opportunity to make the iPhone and iPod an even more centralized focus of at-home entertainment.

    When designing the new entertainment dock, Dexim was sensitive to the current economic climate, according to General Manager Laconia Cheng. "Right now the economy is bad, so we consider price acceptance and try to offer a reasonable price."
    Image via technewsworld.com
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