• 64GB iPhones and 128GB iPods On the Way?

    Toshiba announced today that it will begin mass production in 2010 of 64GB NAND memory. Many observers believe that the modules are headed for the iPhone, noting that Apple has doubled the capacity of the device every year since it was introduced - with possibly a pair of them to be fitted into an upgraded 128GB iPod touch in the year to come.

    The iPhone 3GS models currently shipping include either a single 16GB or 32GB Toshiba NAND module, with the iPod touch coming in 32GB or 64GB variants. The top-of-the-line iPhone has half the memory of the largest iPod touch for the simple reason that you can only fit a single module in an iPhone while the iPod touch can handle two: the iPhone needs extra space, obviously, for its telephony components.

    Toshiba's new 64GB module in made up of sixteen 32 gigabit (or 4 gigabyte) NAND chips integrated with a dedicated controller: the first product to combine that many 32 Gbit chips on a single module. Toshiba credits its 32 nm manufacturing process and chip thinning technology for the advance, bragging that the individual chips are only 30 micrometers thick. Toshiba's line will range from 2GB to 64GB and are compatible with the latest e-MMC standard.

    The chip manufacturer says that they are hoping to build three million units a month by the first quarter of next year. Prices for the new modules were not released.

    image via Toshiba
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