• Pastebot iPhone App is a Cut - and Paste - Above the Rest

    The iPhone has gained a cool new clipboard app from developer Tapbot. Taking the iPhone's copy and paste functionality to a whole new level, Pastebot bestows many of the attributes we've longed for in our beloved handset.

    The new app, which is available now for download, was profiled this morning on 9to5mac. Checked it out myself and definitely understand why so many iPhone users are pleased with the offering.

    Pastebot lets you copy anything you like to Pastebot's clipboard, including images, you simply need to employ iPhone OS
    3.0's native copy-and-paste tools in any other app, then run Pastebot to automatically tap it into that apps clipboard. Create new text clippings within the app, or import a photo from the camera or your photo library.
    Pastebot really helps the iPhone tap into an assortment of commonplace utilities that are taken for granted on most computers but sorely lagging on virtually all smartphones. As easy and efficient to use as any app of its caliber can be, Pastbot works as one might expect. After saving your designed image, text, etc. to the clipboard, you can do almost anything imaginable with it.

    Once you have assets inside your clipboard you can engage in sundry editing operations, using tools like find-and-replace, crop photos, add color filters, or wrap lines in HTML tags. Organize your clippings in folders and use the built-in search to find what you need quickly.
    Similarly, if you obtain the Pastebot Sync companion app for your Mac, you can undertake all sorts of cool and highly practical actions. For example, one can easily export text or images to the iPhone via WiFi by just copying them. Conversely, you can also transfer clippings in Pastebot from your iPhone right over to your Mac.

    It works, it's cool, it's of the standard you would expect from a credible developer like Tapbot, and it's long, long, long overdue.

    Image via Tapbot
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