• iPhone To Get Built-In VNC Remote Capabilities To Control Your Computer

    Before you get your panties in a bunch, yes, this functionality has been available to us for some time. I've been using Jaadu VNC for awhile which works pretty good. Can be a little time consuming, but the ability to control your PC from anywhere is great feature for iPhone users. There are of course a number of other apps that do similar functions, however it appears as though Apple is looking to make this a feature that is built into the iPhone.

    Yesterday the USPTO published a unique granted patent, filed on behalf of Apple, that provides insight into the Apple's potential plans. The patent is titled “Remote control of electronic devices” and the goes on to say that a device is in the works that would let you use your mobile device to remotely control your home computer.

    “A controlling device (e.g., a telephony device) can remotely control various tasks associated with a controlled device (e.g., a personal computer), including the navigation of user interfaces associated with applications or an operating system associated with the controlled device. A task can be controlled at the controlled device by mapping user input received at the controlling device to control commands suitable for execution at the controlled device.”
    The entire application is currently available here. Apple credits John O. Louch, Eric Seymour and Michael Shebanek as the inventors of Granted Patent 7,634,263.

    So far I've been quite satisfied with the options currently available for VNC connections, but I am definitely looking forward to something more "official" and supported by Apple.

    Images from [PatentlyApple]. Thanks to ndlela for the tip.
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