• Apple's New "12 Days Of Christmas" Commercial

    In the spirit of Christmas, Today Apple released a new holiday iPhone commercial series called "12 Days of Christmas". As you can imagine, the ad focuses on the original song we all know and incorporates the twelve iPhone applications related in some way to the holiday season.

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    I'm not quite sure their marketing strategy is bang on, but then again, I don't think these commercials ever have been. The hype that the iPhone and iPod generate off screen tends to be much more influential than the commercials we see on TV. At least its not another "1000000 Apps" or a "Can Your Carrier Suck as Much as The Other" commercial.

    However, with it being closer to christmas, I figured I'd share the Apple Christmas spirit with you all. Not exactly any special apps in this list, but the Christmas Tree Lights remote sounds pretty effin cool. Cutting it a little short though with Christmas only a little over a week away.

    - 12 cookies cooking: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook [App Store, Free]
    - 11 cards a' sending: Postman [App Store, $2.99]
    - 10 gifts for giving: My Christmas Gift List [App Store, $0.99]
    - 9 songs for singing: TabToolkit [App Store, $9.99]
    - 8 bells for ringing: Holiday Bells [App Store, $0.99]
    - 7 slopes a' skiing: Snow Reports [App Store, $1.99]
    - 6 games for playing: Christmas Fever [App Store, $0.99]
    - 5 gold rings: Anna Sheffield Jewelry [App Store, Free]
    - 4 hot lattes: myStarbucks [App Store, Free]
    - 3 flights home: Flight Search [App Store, Free]
    - 2 feet of snow: Weather Pro [App Store, $3.99]
    - And an app that can light up the tree: Schlage LiNK [App Store, Free but hardware required]
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