• Rdio iPhone App Teases Streaming Music Service

    The forthcoming release of streaming music service Rdio has stolen much of the thunder reserved for next year's launch of Spotify. As a report on 9to5Mac indicated this morning, the makers of Rdio (who, by the way, similarly pioneered a few other cool services you may have heard of - like Skype and Kazaa) are teasing the service with a new application revealing that the excitement surrounding Rdio may not be exaggerated.

    Rdio is like carrying a giant MP3 player in your pocket. You have unlimited and unrestricted access to all the music, and you get to select exactly the song, album or artist you want to hear.
    But in the Washington Post (courtesy of TechCrunch), the headline ("Rdio Launches iPhone App That You Can't Use Yet") takes a playful jab at the new Rdio app, which has been unveiled before Rdio even begins taking public beta registrations. Its lack of availability, however, hasn't stopped the creators of Rdio from aggressively pushing the free iPhone application that has certainly left many excited, but also scratching their heads.

    Since it requires a login, only private beta testers are able to give the app a whirl for the time being
    The only logical explanation for the app's premature arrival is to get people talking about what Rdio will be able to do. According to its makers, the new streaming music service will enable users to control the music being played (e.g., pause, skip, fast forward, etc.) or, much like an on-demand movie service, select any song to begin playing instantly. "Song lists" can be built via Rdio.com. According to Music Ally, additional features will include unlimited playlists and notifications.

    So when will Rdio formally launch in order for the world to discover if the service can actually live up to the hype?
    For now, we're simply being told "soon." The stealthy start-up and, some say, Spotify killer, could very well dominate the streaming music market by the end of 2010.

    Image via 9to5Mac
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