• New iPhone App a Holiday Traveler's "Outside" Assistant

    A lot of people (myself included) will take to the road this weekend or within the next few days to be with family and friends for the holidays. As snow storms blast the east coast of the US and inclement weather rocks myriad locations elsewhere, a new application (and by new, I mean released today) could be a fun, helpful addition to the iPhone just in time for travelers embarking on a holiday excursion.

    Apart from using our handsets for phone calls and mobile gaming, some of the most popular and widely used iPhone apps are weather-related applications and mechanisms that allow users to monitor the weather. Although weather apps usually don't warrant much discussion in this forum, the AppStore is now home to "Outside," a visual weather forecast with push notifications "like you’ve never seen before."

    As the iPhone continues to be modified by developers into a pocket meteorologist, its no wonder that many of the new apps headed for the App Store in 2010 are expected to be pertinent to the weather.

    Outside marries current weather and local forecasts with custom push notifications. Look out the window and see what the weather is like through stunning visuals. Swipe the days to see the forecasts, or setup and receive alerts when the weather is just right.

    Other features include:

    • Current, detailed weather reports with visual representations.
    • Local Weather Forecasts from around the world.
    • Supports both US (Fahrenheit) and Metric (Celsius) systems.
    • Use your GPS or easily search to change your location.

    One of the coolest weather applications available for the iPhone, "Outside" is available for download now for $2.99. It comes with a free 30 days notification subscription, but additional months of service come at a fee.

    Images via outsideapp.com
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