• Bluetooth Keyboard Support Comes To The iPhone & iPod Touch

    One thing that I have always wanted to see the iPhone capable of doing is accepting a connection to a wireless bluetooth keyboard. With Apple's newest line of keyboards being so small, and a plethora of other foldable, travel-friendly keyboards available on the market, it just seems incredibly ideal to be able to use a keyboard on the go for taking notes or writing emails at meetings or at a local coffee shop (might look kinda silly but it gets the job done faster). This isn't anything new, as almost all smartphones already have this capability.

    The Bluetooth Keyboard Driver, just released in Cydia, fills this void for jailbroken iPhone users. The App is based on the open-source BTstack project, which also brought us the Wii Mote to work with apps like emulators. This driver runs on all iDevices with Bluetooth support. It is unclear yet, if it works properly on the iPhone 2G. The current version available in Cydia is titled as a "Demo", as it only works inside the app itself, but don't fret for the developer says a version that works outside of the app (in the background/with other apps) and in Cydia "soon".

    After installation, start Keyboard demo, then make your Bluetooth Keyboard discoverable (see Keyboard manual). Select keyboard in the device list. A pin code alert tells what PIN to enter on the keyboard. When connected, you can use the keyboard to type into the provided text field. An initial set of Keyboard layouts is provided.
    Official Page: http://keyboard.ringwald.ch
    Usage: iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard Driver

    Not supported in v1.0
    * Apple Keyboard: quick auto-connect
    * Selection with SHIFT + Cursor
    * Copy/Cut/Paste
    * Cursor keys in MobileTerminal
    * CAPS-LOCK key
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